Included in the Price

All included for £59 a month we will:

Set up your limited company

If you don’t already have a limited company we will set one up for you. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions for us.

Register you for flat rate VAT

VAT is optional if your turnover is less than £68,000, but you can make a little extra money by registering. Flat rate VAT is only available for companies with turnover up to £150,000

 Complete your quarterly VAT returns

We’ll tell you what to put on the form and where to make the payment, for IR35 purposes you have to send the actual form and payment

Send you a weekly Live Tax Return (or how ever often you submit your income and expenses)

To ensure you are always fully abreast of your tax liabilities. This is essentially an abbreviated version of your tax return we use sophisticated algorithms annualise your income to determine your weekly tax liability, your year to date tax liability and your predicted  final tax  liability.

Your Live Tax Return is based on the information you provide when you submit income and expenses, a simple form that can be completed as frequently as you like. We recommend a maximum of weekly and a minimum of monthly. Then at year end we just need to ask a few questions, like bank interest and charitable donations, that don’t usually have a material impact on your final tax bill. So every week you’ll know exactly how much cash to put away for tax (and how much you can then spend) and at year end there will be no waiting for your tax return to be done, you’ll already know what your tax bill will be.

Advise you of your PAYE and NI payment obligations

We advise your to pay yourself an annual salary of £7,000. This way you will save paying and PAYE or NI. However if you decide on a higher annual salary we will calculate your PAYE and NI payments for you. You have to make the actual payment, but we will tell you when, how much and to whom.

Complete your annual return

We’ll ask you if there have been any changes, but generally there won’t be. We’ll even pay the £15 companies house filing fee for you.

Submission of all payroll returns

We’ll prepare and submit P14/P35 and P11D returns to the HMRC for you each year.

Complete your company financial statements

Every year a full set of unaudited statutory financial statements including income statement and balance sheet must be lodged with Companies House. We will prepare to copies, send them to you too be signed, then lodge one set with companies house and return a bound copy to you for your records.

Complete your company tax return

This is not due until 12 months after your company’s year end. However the actual payment of your tax bill is due within 9 months of your company’s year end. From completing your regular Live Tax Returns we will already have almost all of the information we will require to complete your corporations tax return, and you will essentially already know what your tax bill will be as soon as the tax year ends. We will send you a short questionnaire asking for a few extra details that we will need to complete the corporations tax return, but this will not take you long to complete and the impact on your final tax bill is likely to be minor.

We give all of our companies a year end of 31 March, to align it with the personal tax year of 5 April. This just means your first accounting period may be a bit more or less than a year. Aligning your company and personal tax years makes keeping abreast of all of your tax liabilities much easier.

Complete your simple personal tax return.

All company directors must complete a personal tax return. As long as it is relatively simple we will complete your for no additional charge. More complex tax returns will incur additional fees. For an additional fee we can also do your families tax returns.